Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you...without a dope beat to step to

I'm back ladies and gentlemen.(all 5 of you...mostly my family) I just realized I hadn't written on here in almost 2 months. Well, a lot has gone down. Let me catch you up...

~Enjoyed Thanksgiving and along winter break with my family in South Carolina. Went to ATL for New Year's and had a great time with my old FU girls. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted all my pics from NYE. :(

~Went to the John Legend concert...amazing. Highly recommend you go if you get the change.

~I'm still coaching middle school ball and having a blast. The girls are great and really work hard. It's so fun to get to play again at practice (I have to learn to not go hard and be less competitive). As of now we are 11-0. They are sweet girls and very coachable. Funny I thought it would help me not miss bball, but it makes me want to play MORE. I wish there was a league I could play in around here.

~As far as my future a lot is happening/or could be. I decided to finally go for my dream of teaching internationally. I have always wanted to experience different cultures. I didn't do it last year because I wanted to have a little more experience. I decided this year that I was going to do it. I sent in all my info, resume, etc to the recruitment company and now have a profile. I have sent a bunch of stuff out to some schools and am attending a Recruitment Conference in Philly in February. I am really excited. Please pray that I go where God wants me, and not just where I want to go. I have heard a lot from a school in Brazil. Actually the Headmaster is coming up next week to watch me teach. Craziness! I will keep y'all updated on everything.

~My class is adorable. Please just pray for them and some of their lives at home. Parents make me so mad sometimes, I wish they knew how much of an impact they had on the rest of their children's lives.

Other than that my life is boring. I have been reading a lot. I got hooked into the Twilight series of books. It is a teeny bopper series, but I love it. I have read the first two books and am going to get the third asap.