Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just another reason I love basketball

I can't stop laughing at this commercial...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In the moment

God has really brought to my attention some things. I am constantly finding myself in a state of "what ifs/I can't wait until." I was running yesterday thinking about how I can't wait to go to China, or to find a man that loves me, or to have a family when God hit me on the head with the old why can't you be contempt with where you have me now. I think this came from the sermon on Sunday at Crosspoint. It was about how God has a mission for our lives and it is planned. He has me where I am in my life right now for a reason. I need to be looking for opportunities to serve and show His love now, not wait until later. I can't want something that hasn't happened yet, God hasn't given me what I want for a reason that He knows. I need to enjoy the time NOW. It's funny because so many times when I was anxious for the next phase in my life once I get there I find myself looking back and wishing I could relive the past phase. I think if I keep hoping and wishing for the next phase I will miss the stage I'm in right now. And let's be real it couldn't get much better than it is now. I have awesome roomies, a great job I love, amazing friends, and live in the most beautiful place ever. I need to be living in the moment, not in the past or the future. Just some thoughts...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Katie!!!

Today is Katie's birthday!! Happy birthday Katie, you're getting old! Just kidding, I'm right behind you. I'm so glad to be your little (but taller) sister. Even though we used to fight like crazy when we were little, we are so close now. Thank you for always being there for me, making me laugh, listening to my craziness, and challenging me to become a better person. I am so thankful God gave me you as a sister. You're not just my sister but a best friend as well! I love you and hope you are having the best birthday ever. I am sad you are in Iraq, but I think it is great you are serving so many that serve us with their bravery. It was good to hear your voice today! Love you and miss you!! xoxo Oh yea...For your next birthday you will just have to come visit me in China! By the way it was harder to find pics of us then I thought it would be considering we take so many. I hope they are up to your standards :) Love you!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RIP Keowee

About two weeks ago Aunt Susan and Lamar found a rhinoceros beetle outside. Aunt Susan being the animal lover she is saved him and thought of my class. She called and asked if I would want it as a class pet. My first thoughts were no way, yuck, disgusting. The teacher in me then came out and I thought what a great opportunity to study its adaptations since we were just finishing our unit on animal adaptations. Dad went and got the beetle from Aunt Susan and I was now the proud owner of a pet beetle.

When I introduced it to my class they had the same reaction as I did, grossed out! Then after warming up to it a little they LOVED it. They were calling him pet names and even named him Keowee because they knew he was found over near my parents' house. The kids held him and we researched about rhinoceros beetles. Who knew they were a common pet for people to have. He really was beautiful. His shell looked like it was hand painted.

Sadly, he died after only about a week and a half. I don't know why he didn't survive. He was the most spoiled beetle ever. One little girl brought in organic mangoes, apples, and grapes. I don't even eat organic food and this little guy was chowing! The kids would hold him and let him "tickle" them on their hands. One day he was not responsive, I thought he was just sleeping, but he didn't move when we touched him. After another day of comatose we decided he had gone to beetle heaven.

I decided we should have a funeral for him. I brought in a box and we wrote RIP Keowee on it. Yesterday we had his funeral. It was hilarious. The kids were so serious about it. We had a long procession line. I dug a hole and we placed him in it. One little boy said we should have a moment of silence to remember his life. We all bowed our heads and stood on the top of a hill by our school silently. I looked up and all 22 of my students had their heads bowed and hands crossed. When I ended the tribute to Keowee one little boy asked if he could say a few words. I said sure. He went on to shout, "Oh Lord!!! Why did you have to take him? He was so young, only 1 1/2 weeks!!! I hope you enjoy heaven Keowee! I'll see you when I get there!" It was the funniest thing I have seen in awhile. That was followed by a little girl placing flowers on his grave.

Needless to say my days at work are NEVER boring. RIP Keowee, we will miss you!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Funtimes in February

I promise I am going to get better at updating my blog. For the past couple months I have been really busy with teaching and coaching. Besides, let's be honest I don't think the 5 people who are reading it care. I want to do a better job for myself so I know what I was doing and thinking when I look back at it. It's crazy to go back and read my first entries because it seems like so long ago. Anyways a lot has gone down since I wrote.

My middle school team won the Greenville country basketball tournament. It was an exciting and amazing game. We won on a last second shot. Honestly the girls didn't play very well, but they didn't give up and they kept playing hard. I was so proud of them. Directly from the game I drove down to Atlanta. It was my best friend from Furman,Katie's, birthday. We were all going out to do Karaoke to celebrate. We had a blast. I am so thankful for my teammates at Furman. We always have so much fun together and I know they always have my back. My sister, Katie, was arriving in the A for our cousin Julie's wedding. Our other two cousins, Mark and John, picked her up and brought her by the Karaoke place. It was so fun to see them. It seems so weird that we are all old enough to get into a bar. I still remember playing Ricky-Ticky-Stare together at the beach when we were all little. After a great night singing "I Want You Back" by Jackson 5 and "Baby Got Back" (Katie Ro's fav) with my girls we went back to Katie's.

FU Ballas

The birthday girl and me

The cousins all grown up

The next morning was an early one as us Scott girls (and Katie Ro) couldn't pass up a trip to Chic-Fil-A with my parents, Aunts, and Uncles. It was a fun time and good food. We headed to Target to buy luggage for the next leg of my journey and then went back to Katie's to change for the wedding. In Target Katie and I were being kids and juggling a ball between the two of us. I don't know where the video recording of it is, but I'll post it if I get it.

All the Scotts met up by Julie and the Campbell's hotel to have but what other than...MORE FOOD! We talked and talked and finished getting ready for the wedding. From there it was onto the wedding.

We got there and saw J. Kirk, one of my cousins I haven't seen since my Big Pop's funeral almost 7 years ago. It was good chatting with him before the ceremony. The wedding was wonderful. The church was filled to the max, a testimony to how many people love and care for Julie and Jodi. After the ceremony we headed to the reception. It was so great to be with family and relax. Julie looked gorgeous in her gown and was simply glowing the whole day.

At the reception

Beckham and Poppy

From there it was more time with family at the house of one of the Swanson's friends. Their house is 5 houses up the street from Katie Ro's...small world! We ate more and laughed. When that was over Katie and I walked back to Katie Ro's house. I had an early flight to Philadelphia to catch in the morning.

I went to Philadelphia to go to the International School Services recruitment conference. I had asked permission from my principal to go, since I would be missing a week of school. I arrived in Philly Sunday morning and was picked up by Joy (my best friend from my days at Hofstra). I spent the day with her and her family. She has the cutest little girl, Ebelle, that is full of energy. It is so crazy to think that Joy and I met almost ten years ago and now she is married with a baby girl!

Ebelle and me

Monday is when the conference started. I stayed at the hotel because I thought it would be better for networking and less stressful. To offset the cost of the hotel room I got a random roommate that was on a rooming list. It could not have worked out better! She is a great girl that teaches at Langley (only 15 minutes from where I grew up). We had so much in common and really had a great time the whole week. We went to dinner the first night after orientation to a quaint resturant that was celebrating Presidents' Day by having a menu from the 1700's. My food was actually really good and we had a great talk. The next day was full of interviews.

To make the short for the sake of not boring y'all to death...I interviewed with a bunch of schools. I had been contacted by a school in Dalian, China before the conference. I had an interview with Dalian first thing after sign-ups. I met the Head of the School, Brian, and felt at ease at once. The interview was intense, but I felt good the whole time. It was reaffirming for me to be able to share my philosophy on education and passion for children. Brian asked if I would come back for another interview later in the day. I had interviews at other schools and then went to my "call back". I walked in to his room (it is very strange how they hold the interviews, they are in the recruiters hotel rooms) and there was another woman in there. They offered me the job and went through the package and benefits with me. I had until the next day to tell them. I was super excited, but really wanted to pray about it and think it through. I never thought I would be in China! I went to the other interviews I had scheduled and was offered another job in Bangkok, Thailand. I had until the next day to tell her as well. That night there was cocktail hour for recruiters and recruits. My roommate and I went down and were talking to some people. She also got a job offer from a school in China! We were sitting at a table when we saw both of our Heads of School talking to each other. We went over and started talking with them and had so much fun. She knew she was going to take the job, but just wanted a night to sleep on it. I knew deep down I wanted Dalian, but didn't want to rush into it.

I prayed and talked to my family and decided I was going to China! I called Brain the next morning and told him yes. He was super excited. I went down to his room to make it official and then came back to mine to relax. The process was over, or maybe just beginning. My roommate, Elizabeth, and I decided to go walk around Philly. Of course the weather was terrible, freezing and raining, but we still went. We ended up going to Chinatown for lunch! It was so much fun. All I kept thinking was, I can't believe I'm going to China! That night my school and Elizabeth's school took all the candidates they hired out to dinner at this awesome Vietnamese restaurant. We had great food and great conversation. It was so eye opening to me. I never knew there was this huge world of international teaching out there. After dinner the other girls and I decided to go to a Karaoke bar that was right next door. We figured it would be fun and also let us get to know everyone better. We had a blast and it was good to form those connections.

Elizabeth and me in Chinatown

Dinner at Vietnam in Philly with the whole gang

Karaoke for the second time in a week

So that is it. I am going to China to teach at the Dalian American International School to teach 5th grade. I will be there for 2 years. They fly me home at the end of each school year, so I will be back in the states every summer. I am so excited, but I don't think it has fully hit me. There are times where I am thinking to myself.."This time next year I will be in China" or "I'm going to miss doing _______ when I am in China". But then I think, wow what an incredible opportunity to be blessed with. I would regret it if I didn't do it and I know I will grow so much, both personally and professionally. I will try to keep updating this with the departure date of August 3rd approaching faster than I know.

Sorry that was so long, but I wanted to have it all down for memories.