Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day Weekend

This past weekend most of the fam was at the lake to celebrate July 4th. The Watkins came down on Wednesday and the Scotts got here Thursday night. We basically spent the whole weekend swimming at the pool. The Scotts introduced a new game to play, Diboo-Daboo.l We all wished Katie, Amy, and David were there the whole time. It would have uped the competition in the game. Beckham swam almost the whole weekend without water wings! Way to go bud! Ainsley's laugh was infectious. Laura is growing up so fast and is a great baker. Andrew is competitive as they come and loves his dog and sisters. Emma is so mature and sweet, we had a great talk the first night they got here. Sarah is so sweet, she waves and says "Hiiii!" and "Byyyyyye".

Overall it was a great weekend with family. I took lots of pictures of all the kiddos, because let's face it I am that aunt that shows her nieces and nephews off.