Sunday, August 31, 2008

USA Basketball Commercial

Just wanted to make sure everyone saw this commercial. Love it. God bless America!

(make sure you stop the music before playing the video)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Back at it again...

We started school last Tuesday. I was a bit weary about going back. Those of you I am close to realize that it was not an easy year last year. My little students were more like little demons and I was very frustrated. But I am here to say God answers prayers! I guess it's true what they say about Him not giving us more than we can handle. I think if I would have had another class from H... I wouldn't teach again. Don't get me wrong I did love those kids with all my heart, but they made my life hard...very hard. I can't tell you how many times I thought I was a terrible teacher and wasn't making a difference in their lives because I wasn't seeing any changes.

I love my class this year and am really looking forward to it. It's crazy, I forgot what it felt like to teach, not just discipline the students. It is fun! I know it is just the first 9 days, but I am looking forward to the next 171. :)

Other happenings in my life (since I haven't blogged in forever). The first weekend of August I went to a co-workers wedding. It was so much fun. I am so thankful for such good friends at work. We get together for dinner often and have breakfast every Friday before school. I love my girls so much!

The Watkins have been here lots. I love being so close to my niece and nephew (just with the lil Scotts were closer too :(! ) Beckham and Ainsley are getting so big. We were at the mall yesterday and they suckered me! We got a snack (some healthy Chik-Fil-A fries) to split. Julie was shopping while we were finishing and Beckham looks at me and says "Aunt Megan mommy says we can have a dessert when we eat something healthy like french fries." I think he saw I wasn't buying it and quickly replied "Fries are healthy, they are potatoes." I didn't know what to say to that, so I bought them cookies. :) No wonder why I am their favorite aunt :) (just kidding everyone)

Here are some pics from the past ohhhhh month or so...

My girls @ Suzanne's wedding

My good friend, Jess, from college came to visit!

Beckham and me

The newlyweds and me out on the lake