Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Random Survey

Where is your cell phone? In my desk. Can't really talk on it when I have 25 students to take care of! :)

Your significant other? Non existent...although sometimes I wonder who my future hubby is and what he is doing now. I know I'm kinda weird.

Your hair? Brown with a hint of reddish. Don't know where it came from but recently it has shown up. Also SHORT! I just cut it and don't know if I like it.

Your mother? Has a servant's heart,Godly woman, fun, and joyful.

Your father? Provider, funny, hard worker, loving, and intelligent.

Your favorite thing? Sleep and being with the people I love.

Your dream last night? A crazy one about a student of mine.

Your favorite drink? Dr. Pepper

Your dream/goal? To impact eternity with my life.

The room you are in? My classroom...and it is silent!! (The students are at related arts!!)

Your ex? Pray for him daily.

Your fear? Losing someone I love...failing.

Where do you want to be in 6 years? where God wants me

Where were you last night? Walmart...then my apartment.

What you are not? merciful...I'm workin on it.

Muffins? Only Mug-N-Muffin! They are truly amazing there. Probably b/c the HANDFUL of sugar that tops each one. Awesome, just adds to my muffin top.

One of your wish list items? A sidekick, or a house...either will be fine. Ha!

Where you grew up? Herndon, VA...miss it!

The last thing you did? Took my class to Music.

What are you wearing? A orange wrap top, brown skirt, and brown sandals.

Your TV? Off.

Your pets? Don't have any. Although I want a puppy eventually, right now I don't want the responsibility and don't have the finances to have one either.

Your computer? Dell Inspiron(spelling) Laptop...love it, although I have been eying Amy's IMAC

Your life? Blessed

Your mood? Good...normal.

Missing someone? Yes.

Your car? Nissan Altima

Something you are not wearing? A necklace

Favorite store? TARGET for anything and everything...but clothes I would say White House Black Market.

Your summer? soooo soon! Will be full of weddings and relaxing at mom and dad's lake house. I will also be going to the Dominican!

Like someone? Not really...I'm content.

Your favorite color? purple

When is the last time you laughed? Last night when I saw my old friend Willie.

Last time you cried? Hmmm hasn't been recently. What a difference a year makes! :)

Who will repost this? Charlotte and Julie if they have time...busy moms! Katie will eventually, just not anytime soon. Anyone else who wants to please let me know if you do and I will read yours when I have time.

Lots of Love

Sunday, April 27, 2008

In awe...

Over the mountains and the sea
Your river runs with love for me
And I will open up my heart
And let the Healer set me free

I’m happy to be in the truth
And I will daily lift my hands
For I will always sing of when Your love came down

I could sing of your love forever

Oh I feel like dancing
It’s foolishness I know
But when the world has seen the Light
They will dance with joy like we’re dancing now

Friday, April 25, 2008

Pictures as promised...

Here are some pics of the last three weekends...I had so much fun traveling to NYC, DC, and Athens...I went up to NY for one of my bestest's bridal shower, then the next weekend was NOVA to throw my sissy Amy a bridal shower, and finally a girls' weekend in Athens. I am so thankful to have such amazing family and friends I love them to death and don't know what I would do without them!


Amy's Bridal Shower in NOVA

Alex's Briday Shower in NY

Me and my girls in Athens

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Welcome Sarah!

I am not an aunt for the 6th time! Adam and Charlotte had their precious little girl yesterday around 1:30. Her name is Sarah Jane and she is so cute. Emma, Andrew, and Laura are going to be great big siblings! Here are some pics...

Adam and Charlotte with their little one!

The kiddos are so proud of Sarah!

Sarah Jane!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Coloring his ear maybe?!

My day started with a student putting a crayon in his ear. Yes you read that correctly. Who does that? Well apparently my students do...and to make it that much better of a story (sad to say this is all true) what happened when my darling boy put it in his ear? Well it broke of course. I am talking about a good 2 cm of crayon way deep in his ear. He was crying because he didn't want to admit what he did. I think when he said it to himself he realized how dumb that idea was. Anyways I welcomed the nurse at 7:30 AM with him by my side. She and I were totally baffled by how it got there and how deep it was. She assured me she would take care of him and I went back to the classroom (don't worry my students weren't there yet...I"M NOT THAT DUMB AND NAIVE!)

One of the worst parts of the story was...it was a NEW and SHARP crayon!!!! LOL

Mimosa Cupcakes...YUMMY!

I am becoming a HUGE fan of brunch! Mimosas are a tasty little drink that goes perfect with my omlette. I haven't tried these yet, but they sound yummy. Now if I only had an occasion to make them for...maybe Amy's bridal shower this Saturday...although it's at 2, a little late for mimosas.

Here's the recipe...

Mimosa Cupcake Recipe

I got the mimosa cupcake recipe by making a VERY subtle modification to a recipe for cherry limeade cupcakes on Ooh You Tasty Little Things. The only change I made was to substitute orange concentrate for the limeade concentrate. I'd been wanting to try baking using a frozen concentrate for a while and was happy to find a good recipe.

3 cups cake flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 cup (2 sticks) butter
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup + 2 tbsp frozen orange concentrate
3 eggs
3/4 cup plain yogurt

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix together the flour, salt, baking soda and powder and set aside. In a medium sized bowl, cream the butter until smooth then add the sugar and cream together. Once the butter and sugar are creamed add in the orange juice concentrate. Mix in one egg at a time. Add in flour mixture 1/3 at a time. When flour is thoroughly mixed, mix in the yogurt. Batter will be slightly lumpy, but should be smooth kind of like pancake batter. Divide the batter evenly into lined cupcake tins and bake for about 15-20 minutes. Allow to cool.

Champagne Syrup

2 cups champagne
1 cup powdered sugar
Bring the champagne and powdered sugar to a boil and let them reduce about half way. Don't expect it to get thick. It will still be very liquidy when you are done. Poke holes in the cupcakes and drizzle in the syrup. Let it absorb into the cupcake and add more. Keep adding to taste.

Champagne Frosting

The problem with champagne frosting is that you have to add way too much champagne in order to get a strong champagne flavor. This ends up making your frosting runny. The last time I used champagne, I opted for a champagne glaze. This time I decided to go the artificial [insert gasp here] champagne flavor route.

1 cup chilled whipping cream
8 oz mascarpone
2 to 3 cups confectioner's sugar (depending upon how thick you prefer frosting)
8 drops of champagne flavor (use an eye dropper)
Whip up whipping cream in mixer until soft peaks begin to form. Fold in mascarpone. Then, while mixing over low speed, slowly add the confectioner's sugar one cup at a time, being careful not to over whip frosting. Mix in the champagne flavor.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I Love NY

I went back up to NY this past weekend for one of my bestest's wedding shower. I flew in Thursday night and was met with frigid cold weather. While flying in I was a little bummed, I was on the wrong side of the plane to see the city skyline and some foreigners were blocking their window with their big heads. I guess it was better they saw it since they don't live here. Anyways...Alex picked me up. It was so good to see her. She was my roommate freshman and sophomore year. We have been through it all for each other. I hadn't seen her in about 2 years...and nothing has changed. She is hilarious and a LI girl to the core. I miss her already!

On Friday we went to the mall!!! I spent money I shouldn't be, but got a really cute jacket and some sweet pumas. We then went into the city for some drinks and a show. We saw Avenue Q...not something I would have picked but really funny. It is kind of like Sesame Street for adults, liberal adults...also known as New Yorkers. Anyways we went to the show and then walked around a bit. I am always amazed at NYC...no matter what time of the day you will always find such a random group of people packed on the streets. I have to admit I felt like a tourist again.

Saturday was filled with getting ready for the shower. Nails, tans, the whole nine yards. I was shocked to find out in NY people don't give wedding gifts, they give money. No wonder why the divorce rate is 59%, or so I was told by a marriage counselor I met at the shower. Who wouldn't get divorced for a chance at more cash...that might just be the next sick American reality game show. Saturday night we went to Alex's fiance, Johnny's, friend's house (wow that was confusing for me to write, even as a teacher). We drank some wine and watched some bball. The other girls there were total NY...to a T. Just like you see in the movies, I had to laugh. And was a bit sad when they told me I had a cute SOUTHERN accent...what?! I'm not southern!

We went home early for various reasons and got a good night sleep. The shower was at 12:30 but we had to be there to set up at 11:30. Al's sister and I went to the store to get some last minute things (another bridesmaid couldn't come so we had to get her prizes) We got all cute in our summer dresses even though the weather was freezing...but hey we were going to be inside.

The shower was awesome. I am so happy for Al...she is just so excited. It is so great to see her so happy. The shower was really nice, it was like a mini wedding with just girls. We had a 4 course meal, games, gifts, an amazing dessert, and lots of fun with some old friends. I love New Yorkers for the things they say, outfits they wear, and the pride they have in their home. Anyways...I have lots more to write but need to get going. I will try to post pics later.


Things I Never Want to Hear from a Student

"Ms. Scott my momma had my baby sister in the back of our car."


Thursday, April 3, 2008


A colleague of mine sent this to me yesterday morning. It is so scary, especially being a teacher. The world we live in breaks my heart. I remember being in third grade and my worst thought was nailing some boy with a kickball at recess when he was trying to steal home. It's sad what our children have to access to and that their little minds take in...

Georgia 3rd-graders plotted attack on teacher, brought knife, handcuffs to school
By Russ Bynum

Associated Press
Article Launched: 04/02/2008 07:05:22 AM PDT

WAYCROSS, Ga. - A group of children ages 8 to 10 apparently were mad at their teacher because she had scolded one of them for standing on a chair, authorities say.
That led the third-graders, as many as nine boys and girls, to plot an attack on the teacher at Center Elementary School in south Georgia.

Police Chief Tony Tanner said the students apparently planned to knock the teacher unconscious with a glass paperweight, bind her with handcuffs and duct tape and then stab her with a broken steak knife.

The scheme involved a division of roles, Tanner said. One child's job was to cover windows so no one could see outside, and another was supposed to clean up after the attack.

"We're not sure at this point in the investigation how many of the students actually knew the intent was to hurt the teacher," Tanner said.

School officials had alerted police Friday after a pupil tipped off a teacher that a girl had taken a weapon to school.

Tanner said the teacher told detectives the children weren't known as troublemakers.

"You can't dismiss it," Tanner said. "But because they are kids, they may have thought this was like a cartoon - we do whatever and then she stands up and she's OK. That's a hard call."

The purported target teaches third-grade students with learning disabilities, including attention deficit disorder, delayed development and hyperactivity, friends and parents said.

Two of the students were arrested on juvenile charges Tuesday and a third arrest was expected. District Attorney Rick Currie said other students told investigators they didn't take the plot seriously or insisted they had decided not to participate.
"Some of the kids said, 'We thought they were just kidding,"' Currie said. "Another child was supposed to bring a toy pistol, and he told a detective he didn't bring it because he thought he would get in trouble."

Currie said the children are too young to be charged as adults, and probably too young to be sentenced to a youth detention center.

"We did not hear anybody say they intended to kill her, but could they have accidentally killed her? Absolutely," Tanner said. "We feel like if they weren't interrupted, there would have been an attempt. Would they have been successful? We don't know."

Currie said he decided to seek juvenile charges against two girls, ages 9 and 10, who brought the knife and paperweight and an 8-year-old boy who brought tape. He said they face charges of conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, and both girls are being charged with taking weapons to school.

Nine children have been given discipline up to and including long-term suspension, said Theresa Martin, spokeswoman for the Ware County school system. She would not be more specific but said none of the children had been back to school since the case came to light.

School system policy says any student who brings "anything reasonably considered to be a weapon" is to be expelled for at least the remainder of the school year.