Thursday, June 26, 2008

Prayers for Grandma Jean

Please pray for my sweet Grandma Jean. The weekend she was put in the hospital because she was dehydrated. She has been going in waves...getting better and then getting worse. She keeps vomiting and her blood work is all out of whack. My uncle called this morning and said she is getting worse. She is very disoriented about where she is and as you can imagine frustrated. My mom is flying out to Nebraska to be with her first thing in the morning. Please keep her in your prayers. Thanks!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Grandma. She is so happy!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


As I spend my days layin out by the pool I often find myself dozing off to sleep singin this throw back...

Remember to pause my music player. Enjoy and welcome back to the early 90's :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby Sarah

I got to meet my darling niece, Sarah, for the first time this past weekend. She is so cute. She looks a lot like Laura and Emma when they were babies. She was a sweetie and so alert! Hopefully I will find my camera and can put up another picture...but for now this is all I have.

Amy and David's Wedding

June 21st finally arrived. My oldest sister, Amy, got married to her love, David. It was an amazing day. Amy has been such a role model in trusting God and staying pure. The ceremony was so beautiful and honoring to God. Amy was glowing the whole entire day! She looked like a princess. My favorite part was watching David as my daddy was walking Amy down the aisle. He was awestruck! There were so many people there, you could just feel the love. Amy has never been happier. It was so good to see her and with someone that deserves her!

They are off on their honeymoon in St. John...I have to admit I am a little jealous. Here are some pictures from the wedding. I am so upset though, because I lost my camera at the wedding! If anyone finds it please give it to can have the camera, I just want the memory card! (just kidding, I want the camera too...but I just don't want to lose those pictures) Hopefully it will turn up somewhere...

at the spa...

mama and her girls at Amy's bachelorette dinner @ the Cheesecake factory...yum!

The ring bearer and flower girls at the rehearsal

The siblings at the rehearsal

The beautiful bride

Daddy, Amy, and Mom

The siblings

The newlyweds!

The wedding party.

Flower girls; Ainsley and Laura

Too cute!

Dancing the night away.

Beckham breaking it down on the dance floor. He danced to EVERY song!

Uncle John, Aunt Julie, Mom, and Dad

Their goodbyes...nice ride!

Friday, June 13, 2008

It's been awhile...

Okay so I took on Katie's role in the drought of posting on my blog...let me catch you up since, hmmm May was it?

1) Most important! Summer is here! We ended school on June 4th. I'm so thankful for being a teacher and having summer vacation.

My class on the last day of school!

2) Right after we were done with school six teaching friends and I made our way to Sullivan's Island for a relaxing weekend. We had so much fun laying out, going to a nice dinner at the Boathouse, and then to some place that had an 80's cover band. Needless to say I had so much fun, I was up on stage singing "Jesse's Girl".

all us girls

singing Jesse's Girl

3)I came back to reality and a basement full of stuff. Did I forget to mention my landlord needed my apt. so I moved in with mom and dad. YES ladies and gents a 25 year old living at home! But I am excited, I really feel like this is where God wants me. Besides what could be better than hanging out with mom and their pool! :) So I spent much of the week organizing my room in the morning, and laying by the pool during the day, and then organizing again.

4) Mom and I survived the hot box up to VA..when I say it was hot I mean hot. I kept praying that God would not make me such a brat to be the end of the trip I don't know if he answered my prayers. But mom and I did get to listen to a book on CD...uThe Scarlett Threadu by Francine Rivers. It wasn't til the end of the book that I realized I had already read it...really Megan?! Am I getting that old that I can't remember stuff....goodness. But we are here now and we can start to celebrate Amy and David's marriage!

5) Also exciting news...onThursday I met with a young woman at the church about volunteering. I really feel like God is wanting me to step out of my comfort zone and show people His love. So we had a great talk and there were lots of ideas flying this summer I am going to be helping with Game Day at a local gov't housing apartment complex. I am also going to be some little child's mentor...I'm super excited! More on that later.

I will update this post when I get back to SC with pics. Oh yeah I got a haircut....short short. I'll add that one too.