Thursday, May 8, 2008

Shakey Face

One of my favorites ever, Mivvi, introduced me to the Shakey Face this past weekend. I think the pictures are self explainatory...please try it. You will die laughing. Miv is amazing at on the other hand still learning. Give it a try!

The Queen Shaker

I can't help eyes always go crossed

Shake it double time

This guy was hilarious...we had to get in on the action

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sunday Brunch

This past Sunday some friends and I went to brunch. It is my new favorite thing to do. I have never done brunch in Greenville, just in ATL, but was so glad I did. I had an awesome omlette, toast, and fresh fruit. We went to a cute little place called Mary's Cottage down at Falls Park. It was my first time there, and I will definitely go back! We sat outside our table overlooked a beautiful garden and had a great view of the suspension bridge. I love the bridge. When you stand on it and people walk by you can feel the bridge sway. It is kind of creepy, but cool. I love the park and am always mad at myself that I don't make it down there more often. That will be my goal this spring.

Sometimes I wonder if because I am a teacher I look for things the normal person wouldn't. This is a cute little restaurant and I don't know how up with the times they are because they still do their bills by hand. (What restaurant does bills by hand anymore?!?) Back to the story...when I got my bill I looked it over and quickly realized that it was either 1)a really expensive omelet or 2)was wrong. My bill was for $22.70. I glanced down and saw that the waitress has carried her 1 to the wrong column. It should have been $12.70. I quietly called her over and told her I think she added it up incorrectly. She didn't understand. I immediately fell into teacher mode and showed her by doing the math problem next to hers. She was a little embarrassed and quickly fixed it. She brought me back my correct change. I was a little disappointed I wanted her to bring back the original bill so I could show my students how important math is in the real world, but I'm pretty sure she threw it away. So just remember check your work!

Mary's Cottage

Part of the garden we saw as we enjoyed our yummy brunch

The bridge