Thursday, May 8, 2008

Shakey Face

One of my favorites ever, Mivvi, introduced me to the Shakey Face this past weekend. I think the pictures are self explainatory...please try it. You will die laughing. Miv is amazing at on the other hand still learning. Give it a try!

The Queen Shaker

I can't help eyes always go crossed

Shake it double time

This guy was hilarious...we had to get in on the action


Katie said...

so I've since played shakey face... it IS hilarious. And although it sounds wierd at first, when people actually do it, they find it VERY amusing and continue for the rest of the night!

Cyrus Roxas said...

I love shakey face.
sometimes you encounter people who just aren't havin' it. And it boggles me how someone can't laugh at a good old "ghost punch" or "bubba gump".

stuart rochford said...

So good! I'm glad you're sharing the joy that is shakey-face. I actually just created a website to spread that joy worldwide. I'd be honored if you posted some of your masterpieces there! Thanks and keep up the good work!