Monday, April 7, 2008

I Love NY

I went back up to NY this past weekend for one of my bestest's wedding shower. I flew in Thursday night and was met with frigid cold weather. While flying in I was a little bummed, I was on the wrong side of the plane to see the city skyline and some foreigners were blocking their window with their big heads. I guess it was better they saw it since they don't live here. Anyways...Alex picked me up. It was so good to see her. She was my roommate freshman and sophomore year. We have been through it all for each other. I hadn't seen her in about 2 years...and nothing has changed. She is hilarious and a LI girl to the core. I miss her already!

On Friday we went to the mall!!! I spent money I shouldn't be, but got a really cute jacket and some sweet pumas. We then went into the city for some drinks and a show. We saw Avenue Q...not something I would have picked but really funny. It is kind of like Sesame Street for adults, liberal adults...also known as New Yorkers. Anyways we went to the show and then walked around a bit. I am always amazed at matter what time of the day you will always find such a random group of people packed on the streets. I have to admit I felt like a tourist again.

Saturday was filled with getting ready for the shower. Nails, tans, the whole nine yards. I was shocked to find out in NY people don't give wedding gifts, they give money. No wonder why the divorce rate is 59%, or so I was told by a marriage counselor I met at the shower. Who wouldn't get divorced for a chance at more cash...that might just be the next sick American reality game show. Saturday night we went to Alex's fiance, Johnny's, friend's house (wow that was confusing for me to write, even as a teacher). We drank some wine and watched some bball. The other girls there were total a T. Just like you see in the movies, I had to laugh. And was a bit sad when they told me I had a cute SOUTHERN accent...what?! I'm not southern!

We went home early for various reasons and got a good night sleep. The shower was at 12:30 but we had to be there to set up at 11:30. Al's sister and I went to the store to get some last minute things (another bridesmaid couldn't come so we had to get her prizes) We got all cute in our summer dresses even though the weather was freezing...but hey we were going to be inside.

The shower was awesome. I am so happy for Al...she is just so excited. It is so great to see her so happy. The shower was really nice, it was like a mini wedding with just girls. We had a 4 course meal, games, gifts, an amazing dessert, and lots of fun with some old friends. I love New Yorkers for the things they say, outfits they wear, and the pride they have in their home. Anyways...I have lots more to write but need to get going. I will try to post pics later.


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60 toes said...

I love NY too!

I am glad you had a good weekend.