Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Coloring his ear maybe?!

My day started with a student putting a crayon in his ear. Yes you read that correctly. Who does that? Well apparently my students do...and to make it that much better of a story (sad to say this is all true) what happened when my darling boy put it in his ear? Well it broke of course. I am talking about a good 2 cm of crayon way deep in his ear. He was crying because he didn't want to admit what he did. I think when he said it to himself he realized how dumb that idea was. Anyways I welcomed the nurse at 7:30 AM with him by my side. She and I were totally baffled by how it got there and how deep it was. She assured me she would take care of him and I went back to the classroom (don't worry my students weren't there yet...I"M NOT THAT DUMB AND NAIVE!)

One of the worst parts of the story was a NEW and SHARP crayon!!!! LOL


Nicole Berry said...

So what color does one choose to put in his ear before 7:30am?

Meggo said...

yellow...go figure. lol