Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm officially a southern girl now...

This past weekend I took a venture to my old stomping grounds up in NY. I was in my college roommate's wedding on Saturday and was throwing Joy a baby shower on Sunday (although her baby came 3 weeks early so we didn't have it). It was a crazy weekend and I was going non-stop the whole time. I literally slept at a different friend's place every night. I'm not gonna bore you with all the detail and honestly I just want to go lay in MY OWN bed.

Top moments from the weekend
1)Alex and Johnny's wedding...after 10 years in the making it was all worth it!
2)Going to Philly unexpectedly and meeting Joy's new baby girl Ebele
3)Seeing old friends from up north
4)Being in NYC...I love it there. Although I would never want to live there.
5)Before I flew up to NYC I spent the night in ATL and went to dinner w/ some friends and had a great time!
6)Seeing an infamous NY rat...it was huge!
7)Last but not least...arriving home

I do love the city, but it was a reminder how much I love it here in the south. Plus it wasn't fun carrying my luggage around all weekend!

Here are some pics from the weekend

With Larral @ Twist in ATL

Jess and me in the city...hadn't seen her in a couple years!

pic of the wedding party

the beautiful bride and her gorgeous dress!

me and Ebele...so cute!

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Katie said...

Cute pics! Sounds like a whirlwind, but I bet it was fun! :)