Sunday, July 20, 2008

Watkins Visit

This weekend the Watkins came down. We had lots of fun. Those kids are adorable I tell ya. I can't believe how big they are getting too! Ains is now officially a "big girl" she told me over and over again this weekend. Beckham is so sweet and LOVES the pool. They got here Thursday night and we all watched "So You Think You Can Dance?" Beckham picked up some new moves for his next wedding.

Friday we went Blueberry picking and then we swam all day. The kiddos has lots of fun picking blueberries. I am shocked the did it for a whole hour!

Saturday everyone but me (I know I'm not a fun aunt) went to the Jockey Lot. For you northerners its basically a huge place that sells crap. Kinda like a flea market but from the reports I got a lot worse. While they were all at the Jockey Lot I went with my friend Shannon on her friend's boat on Lake Hartwell. It was so much fun. We drove around the lake a couple times, hung out, and then I was challenged to wakeboard. Being a Scott what did I do..."sure I can do that?" Ummmm let me tell you it is NOT easy. I was starting to almost pull up but then I decided I wanted to at least get to ride some waves and got on the knee board. I was happy with that, and it was a lot easier! Sunday we went to church and then out on Lamar's boat. (YEA he is keeping it here!!!)

Also on Friday I went over to a apartment complex that our church is ministering to. We played games with the kids there for about 2 hours. I met my sweet little girl that I will be mentoring. Please pray for Alicia and our relationship. I want to shower her with God's love and let her know she is special!

Here are some pics from the weekend...

That is one cute Furman fan!

Blueberry picking...yummy

I'm ready to go!

Mommy and Ainsley

Me and B-Man!

Beckham loves Poppy!


Katie said...

Finally a post!!!!!! so cute, i wish i was there!

JulieMonte said...

We had so much fun too. The kids slept almost the whole way home. Letting them swim for a few hours before leaving is the way to go. It wears them out and they fall asleep before we leave mom and Dad's neighborhood.