Friday, September 26, 2008

Dumb People

On my drive to work today I was listening to a radio talk show. A singer was on promoting his new CD that is coming out soon. The conversation that followed made me so annoyed.

Host: Who are you voting for?
Joe: Obama
Host: Are you a registered voter?
Joe: Nah, He doesn't need my help.
Host: You know the race is pretty close and you should register because your vote could matter.
Joe: How do I register?
Host: Goes on to tell him how to register....
Joe: How many days do I have to vote?
Host: (kinda in shock at this point) Um it's a one day thing.
Joe: So when is voting day?

Me thinking is this guy serious?!

Host: Well actually it is called ELECTION DAY and it is November 4th. (Goes on to say how normal people have off of word to go vote..blah blah)
Joe: Man...I'm going to be out of the country on tour...Can I vote online?

ARE YOU SERIOUS JOE!? Please tell me you are kidding. This isn't American Idol, you can't vote online, or text your vote in, or call 1-800-VOTE-OBAMA. You actually have to take your dumb behind to a voting site and place your vote. You know in a booth....

I think if I was the host I would have told him you go ahead and vote online one less idiot voting for real :)

Goodness if people like him are voting I am scared for our country...Hopefully they won't know how to register or miss the "voting day". We can only hope.

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Katie said...

wow... this guy is really on it. That's the beauty of America, you get to vote whether you're an idiot or not... provided you figure out how to register and show up on the right day!