Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Procrastination at it's best

I should be packing up my classroom into a million boxes, but this is more fun...

1. Who knows a secret or two about you?
Katie, both of them.
2. Four words to explain why you last threw up?
Can't remember
3. Have you ever burned yourself?
Only small burns attempting to bake/cook
4. Who is your hero?
Soldiers serving our country, my parents, Michael Jordan
5. Would you ever want to be a supermodel?
I think it would be fun to get pampered but I love food too much!
6. When is your next party?
This weekend, so excited for Adrienne's bday party!
7. Do you know what you will wear tomorrow?
Nope, I decide in the mornings.
8. Have you ever accidentally eaten an insect?
I don’t even want to think about the possibilities.
9. Do you talk baby talk?
To babie of course, doesn't everyone?
10. Would you ever work in a retirement home?
I actually thought about volunteering last summer.
11. Are you ever purposely irritating?
Only to a certain lucky
12. If you could fly, where would you go first?
Anywhere but here...just kidding, probably Greece or Australia.
13. Do you prefer boats or planes?
14. One best friend or 10 acquaintances?
Quality always trumps quantity.
15. Favorite food?
Anything with sugar and butter, does that count?
16. Do you believe that your first love never dies?
I don't think die, but maybe just in vegetable state. I think it's always going to be a memory, but not an active one.
17. What upcoming event are you waiting and ready for?
Bball Reunion!
18. Do you get your nails done?
My toes = always...used to get my fingers, sometimes but not often
19. What was the last thing you ordered at McDonald’s?
I don't like McD's...I can't tell you the last time I went.
20. Are you an emotional person?
Not really...only during a certain time of the month :)
21. When did your last relationship end?
about 2 years ago
22. Favorite place to be?
anywhere with people I love...but the beach is pretty great.
23. How do you feel about your hair?
Um don't really have feelings about it?
24. Do you sleep with a fan on?
Yes, two fans.
25. Did you sleep in past noon today?
26. Are you sarcastic?
Yes sir.
27. Did you have a good birthday this year?
I had a great birthday!! Ask me that after this year's and I'll let you know how it is celebrating it half way across the world.
28. What is your favorite kind of weather?
Sunny, but not too hot.
29. Have you ever cried during a movie?
Um yea. Who hasn't?
30. Who’s the last person you had a deep conversation with?
Either Shannon or JT, can't remember the days.
31. Who was the last person you cried in front of?
My was when I had the hole in my leg.
32. Do you like your name?
Yep, it's nothing special. I love my middle name though, used to hate it but have grown to appreciate it.

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JulieMonte said...

OK here are a few addition/corrections/comments:

#11 - I'd add Ainsley to people you like to annoy
#16 - very insightful
#19 - the last time you had McD was probably when Ainsley was in the hospital and you stopped to get the FREE coffee for me!!:-) I think you got a salad.
#20 - You think your apartment in China will have 2 fans? Will it have 1?

this was fun to read.