Sunday, June 24, 2007


Although it was not as dramatic as it sounds in my title, I have decided not to work at City Tavern anymore. I was working a lot and bringing home no bacon. I had been praying about it and I think it is more important for me to spend time with Julie, Monte, Beckham, and Ainsley. I have so much fun with them and hate leaving for work. That isn't the only reason...another deciding factor was working all day yesterday and coming home with a whopping $65! I was not very happy, also considering I had to be on the upstairs patio in the 90 degree heat. It was a hard decision because I am not a quitter, but I figured they will be okay since they already have a million servers on the floor at one time. I never thought I would say it but I miss working at Wild Wings...or maybe it was the money I miss...haha. Anyways we were talking at dinner tonight and I think I am going to be the neighborhood babysitter. That way I can pick and choose when I want/can work and also be with the Watkins. So please don't think of me any less because I am a quitter, I just wanted to enjoy my summer...:)


JulieMonte said...

You're not a quitter. Anybody would have quit if they were in your shoes. Working a double in the heat and only making $65 is rediculous. Sorry it didn't work out. Now we can spend more time with you.

rscott027 said...

I know you are not a quitter! You have always put your best effort forward and never thought of giving less than your best. It will never be City Tavern that you remember, but it will be all the Watkins fam and the wonderful memories you build together. Can't wait to have you home in Va for a while. Love Mom

50 toes said...

maybe you can come to OK to visit now. :)