Monday, January 7, 2008

Congratulations Lovebirds!

My oldest sister, Amy, got engaged on Friday! I am so excited and happy for both of them. We are happy to add David to our family. He is a great guy and treats Amy like the Princess she is. I have never seen Amy this happy, it makes me smile so big! Here is a picture she sent me.


JulieMonte said...

we are excited too! She must like you more b/c I asked for pics and she didn't send any. Can you send me what she sent to you? You are right David is great for her and is a great guy.

The Wells of Morrisville said...

Hello Megan. It was so fun to see your comment. I love the enchilada recipe! Thanks for posting this picture of Amy and David. I started crying while reading it, as I am so excited for her. Please stop by if you are ever in the Raleigh area!!!