Monday, February 11, 2008

Not too happy with me

On Friday I had a student that was not writing during Writing Workshop. I had him sit out recess and write. I was impressed with the final product...maybe I should sit kids out more often. lol. This is what he wrote...keep in mind he is in 3rd grade!

Today I am Sitting Out at Recess
It isn't any fun
I feel like a bum
The other kids are playing
While I'm stuck here writing
I'm not having any fun
I'm just sitting in the sun
I'd rather be in the lion's den
getting chewed until I'm thin
I'd rather get swallowed whole by a bear
of even have blonde hair
I'd rather fall from Mount Everest
or get baked in a volcano
All I know is I don't like sitting out
It makes me want to shout
Next time when Ms. Scott tells us to write
I will do it with all my might

1 comment:

JulieMonte said...

That's really good. Sounds like he didn't like sitting out. I guess he learned his lesson. Don't mess with Ms. Scott.