Tuesday, February 26, 2008

You can find me in the A

Last weekend I was A-Town Down bound. I love Atlanta and am always down for going, espcecially for this girl...

It was Katie's 25th birthday and she was doin it big! She planned for a night of fun. We were going to dinner, then playing Whirley ball, then going out. She started talking trash about Whirly ball weeks in advance. So I got out of school and got in my car. Picked up Zo from Athens and we were on our way. It was fun catching up with her (she's way smarter than me and getting her PhD @ UGA) and just having fun.

We got to Katie's APT in Buckhead and immediately went to a fun mexican resturant and got some margaritas. After I ordered I remembered I don't like margaritas unless they are strawberry and I forgot to tell him that. So I had to drink my salty gross regular margarita (which didn't look as good as the below picture) But I did have some tacos that were off the chain! Then as we are eating the mexican music in the background sounded strangely familar...it was "I Will Survive" but in spanish. I was so proud of myself for recognizing it and asked thebus boy if I was right. I simply wanted a yes but the poor guy said "no speaka englissss" and called a friend over. His friend was very excited I recognized this...or he was really bored and wanted to talk for 10 minutes about some spanish chic that sings the song. Either way I felt culturally experienced. We finished up our drinks and food and were out...

I was in the car with Katie (birthday girl), Zo (Lauren), Rhinata and Stephanie (two of Katie's other friends)...we were all talking trash the whole way to the spot. We arrived at the stadium (slight exaggeration) for Whirly Ball. For those of you who don't know what whirly Ball is you need to get a clue...just kidding. It is kind of like bball except 1) you are driving a bumper car and 2) you have lacrosse like baskets to catch and throw the wiffle ball. The tricky part is the cars drive in the opposite way you turn them. For example I want to get the ball to the left so I naturally turn the steering nob to the left...WRONG...I immediately turn right and miss the freaking ball.

Anyways...There were about 25 of us all together. Us bball girls are pretty competitive and immediately boxed people out so we could get in the first game. Let me just say I was pretty good...well that was the first game. The next game, and car, was a different story. When I realized my little car wasn't going to make it to the ball in time I just began my strategy of nailing people and setting "picks" (which I don't think were legal)...we played for 2 hours! So much fun and so much pain. I knew I was going to be sore from all the illegal ramming. We went back to Katie's APT and changes quickly for a night out at Sutra.

Only Zo, Katie, and I made it out...once again FU bball in full effect. We decided to go to Sutra. After Rhinata dropped us off we saw the line was like 40 people deep. Ummm no that isn't going to work. Katie asked the bouncer if we could get in for her birthday...so we cut the line and the cover and made our way in. Sutra was lots of fun...reminded me of when I was college. I felt so old as I judged ...I mean watched the drunk girls try to impress the nasty men with their dancing. LOL I had fun dancing...us girls were like bodygaurds for eachother.

We finally made it home around 4 AM and then talked for a lot longer. I was awakened by sweet Julie calling to tell me Joe's aircraft had crashed and checking to see if it was his plane or not. I got up and emailed him ASAP...he wrote back to let me know he was okay. Thank God it wasn't him, but now they don't know when they will be returning from deployment. After laying around for some time we decided we should go eat. We went to Murphy's in Midtown. It was the BEST breakfast I have had out in way too long. Although I felt like WT (white trash) while eating there...I thought we would just go the normal after-going-out-spots where we wear a hoodie and some jeans. So I did...ummm no. I was caught in The Real Housewives of OC or whatever that show with people that have way too much money is. I don't care though...it was good and I had fun laughing with my girls. I am so thankful for all my bball girls. We have all remained so close and always have fun together no matter what.

We stopped by Marci's, an old friend of Zo and Katie's, to say hey. Marci and her sister live together. They are about the same ages of Katie and I. They have so much fun living together and sharing clothes, etc. I called my only single sis and said we need to live together. She needs to move her butt down to the A and I will and we could have tons of fun. I knew living with my sis is fun b/c of this summer with JB, so I want to do it again but not invade on a young family...so Katie is my chance :) How fun would that be...two Scott girls living together when we are old enough to appreciate each other (not just divide everything down the center with an imaginary line).

Okay this post went on way longer than I thought...have a blessed day. And if you can't tell I was experimenting how to put pics in...I wish I was at home and had the actual pics from the weekend...but that will come later. And can someone that is Blogger saavy please tell me how to link things. I would try to figure it out but don't have the time...


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JulieMonte said...

First of all you need to clear something up - you said it was the best breakfast you've had in a long time - hello what about Waffle House?!? Come on - I can't believe there is a better place to eat breakfast than WH. :-) Second, I was happy to read we are still considered a young family!! We must be on the older end of young. Glad you had fun and I told you you would like whirly ball.